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Coincidence or Sovereign God? A Moment in Ecuador When I Saw God Do What Only He Can Do

Coincidence or Sovereign God? A Moment in Ecuador When I Saw God Do What Only He Can Do

I love it when I get to experience God doing what only He can do.  Times such as these are such excellent reminders that not only does God exist, but He alone is worthy of our praise and worthy to be followed as our Lord.

Our team working in orphanages in Ecuador awoke on a Friday morning with a full day of activities scheduled.  We were to arrive in a small town about mid-morning at a community center to conduct a VBS for about 250 children.  When we got there, the children were not there.  We were told they would arrive about 3:30 that afternoon.  It was a schedule bust, but that’s not uncommon on mission trips such as this one.

I noticed a small building across the street from the community center that had the exact same signage on it that the orphanage had in Quito where we had been working the last two days.  I walked across the street and asked one of the workers inside the gate if this building was an orphanage.  She responded that it wasn’t, but it was a daycare.  I asked if she would allow our team to come inside and do some fun songs, activities, and a Bible story with the kids.  She readily agreed.

We had a great time spending about two hours playing with the kids.  As we were leaving to go back across the street, eat our lunch, and wait for 3:30 to arrive, the lady I spoke with at the gate stopped us.  She said that another daycare was located on the other side of town and that that they were very poor and could use our encouragement.  I asked if we could go there now.  She said yes, but they close at two.  I looked at my watch and it was one.

So, I hurried our team on to the bus, we ate our lunch in transit, and pulled up to the daycare before they closed.  The neighborhood was close to abject poverty.  Inside the daycare, we found that only five children were still left of the usual twenty.  As some of our team started playing with these kids, others received a tour of the facility from the director.  It had about four rooms in it and totaled, by my guess, about 800 square feet.

It was at this point that I started to notice there was pretty much nothing inside this daycare.  They had almost no furnishings, supplies, or equipment.  The director then told us about their situation.  They are subsidized by the government, but their funding had been dropped.  As best I could understand the director, she explained how some foundation had supported them, but they too removed their funding and when they did they also removed much of the daycare’s equipment- including the refrigerator.  They take care of twenty kids everyday, but have no diapers, wipes, etc. They had nothing to care for the kids.

Upon hearing this, we immediately sent part of our team with the director to a store.  We asked her to pick out what she needed.  We bought dishes, cups, diapers, snacks, etc.  They didn’t even have brooms and mops!  And then we surprised the director by buying a full size refrigerator.

As we delivered the items to the daycare, the workers were so excited to see that the daycare was being resupplied and equipped.  And then we brought in the refrigerator.  Upon seeing it, one of the workers, a Christian, started to weep.  We tried to tell her it was OK and that we were honored to get to help them.  She said something like this- “No, you don’t understand what this refrigerator means.  My heart is so broken for these kids and we are unable to care for them. Just this morning I woke up, got on my knees by my bed, and I asked God to provide the daycare with a refrigerator.”

When I heard this chills went up my spine.  I had just experienced one of those moments when God did what only He can do.  When our team woke up that Friday morning, we prayed that God would use us for His kingdom.  We had no idea that little daycare in an impoverished neighborhood even existed.  When this lady woke up she had no idea we were even in her country.  But God knew!  God was sovereignly moving us around like chess pieces to accomplish His will.

Later that night I reflected on what an incredible thing that turn of events truly was.  God did that day what none of us could do.  Yes, some will call what I have described as a coincidence.  Problem is, I’ve seen way too many of these “coincidences” for them to be anything other than a sovereign God doing what only He can do.  God alone is worthy of our praise and worthy of our life service.