What If We Got Upset at Sports Like We Get Upset at Church?

wizfans21354025290What are the things that cause us to be disgruntled at church?  Take a moment and think about this question.  What has frustrated you about church in the past?  What are the top things that disgruntle people in general?  Yes, the church is far from perfect and there are indeed times when our criticisms and concerns are justified.  But have you ever noticed that all too often we hold the church to a standard of which we would never hold other things in our lives.  For example: sports.  As a result, we show that we are more committed to our favorite sports team than we are our own church.

Years ago I came across a tongue-in-cheek article highlighting the things we get disgruntled at in church, but quickly overlook when it comes to sports- particularly going to games.  Read these, note the similarities, and catch the point it makes.

I’ve decided to stop going to games because of the following:

  • Every time I went to a game, they asked me for money.
  • The people with whom I had to sit didn’t seem very friendly.
  • The seats were too hard and not at all comfortable.
  • I had to park too far away from the stadium.
  • I went to many games, but the coach never came to call on me.
  • The referee made a decision with which I did not agree.
  • I suspected that I was sitting with some hypocrites- they came
    to see their friends and what others were wearing rather than to see the game.
  • Some games went into overtime causing me to be late getting home.
  • The band played some songs that I had never heard before and did not like.
  • It seems that the games are scheduled when I want to do other things.
  • My parents took me to too many games when I was growing up so I don’t need to go to any more games now.
  • I don’t want to take my children to any games, because I want them to choose for themselves what sport they like best.

Isn’t interesting what we get disgruntled at church for and what we overlook at games?  All of this is to say- yes, the church isn’t perfect, but the church is what God has created for Christians to have relationships with other Christians to help us on the journey of following Christ.  So, the church is very important as well as our commitment and involvement in it.  Rather than always grumbling at the church, why not cut it a little slack like you do your favorite sports team?  Instead of always focusing on and pointing out the problems in church, why not make the commitment and expend the energy to be part of the solution?  If every church member did this, I wonder what changes would happen at your church?

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