Growing in the Word podcast: 5-28-12

Morning service from Immanuel Baptist Church in Shawnee, OK from May 28th, 2012.  “Cross Training in Prayer: Praying Persistently.”

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One Response to “Growing in the Word podcast: 5-28-12”

  1. Thank you for making your sermons so easy easy to access. I hate having to miss a service but it is so nice to know that if I have to i can still stay caught up. I know that it takes alot of extra effort and time from alot of people but it is greatly appreciated!I stand in awe of how the Lord works! I am speaking with 100% honesty when i say that in the last couple months that the topics i have been praying so diligently for wisdom and understanding in, your seroms target and anwer dead on. The Lord is good!