I Do Agree with Obama on One Thing…

Yesterday, President Barack Obama publicly affirmed his support of gay marriage.  I am somewhat surprised that many people have acted surprised about this announcement.  It seems clear that Obama has held this position for some time.  Perhaps the splash is over the fact that for the first time in history, a sitting U.S. President has publically affirmed gay marriage.

My point in this post is not to wade through all of the political ramifications of this announcement.  Also, I’m sure I will be criticized for “hating” gay people for even writing about this topic.  If you think that, you don’t know me.   My point is to express how grieved I was that President Obama used Scripture to defend his stance on gay marriage.

Here is the statement from Obama on which I agree: “We are both practicing Christians and obviously this position may be considered to put us at odds with the views of others.”  I take that to mean Obama inferred other Christians.  My first thought when I heard this was, “Yes, Mr. President, I agree with you that you are at odds with other Christians, first and foremost the Apostle Paul.”  Obama then went on to reference the death of Jesus and the Golden Rule as helping him form his opinion on gay marriage.  To infer that Jesus and the Bible condone gay marriage is, as John Piper put it, contemptible.

If you are reading this and think the Bible is an archaic, out of touch document then that is a debate for a later time.  My belief is that the Bible contains God’s eternal, absolute, and propositional truth.  I firmly believe that truth is not something we create (as many believe), but rather something we find- namely in God’s Word.  Scripture is clear in what it teaches about homosexuality (Gen. 19, Rom. 1:26-27, 1 Cor. 6:9-11).  The biblical design for marriage is a lasting covenant relationship between a man and a woman.  To deny this is a complete abrogation and abandonment of the plain meaning of the biblical text.  A person cannot honestly say that the Bible condones homosexuality and gay marriage without eviscerating the authority and divine origin of the Bible.

The President has every right to his opinions and express them as he sees fit.  Yet, his use of Scripture and the Christian faith to back his position was a tragic flaw.


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13 Responses to “I Do Agree with Obama on One Thing…”

  1. I so agree and think the word “grieved” is the most appropriate emotion in this situation. I don’t hate the president. I don’t hate anyone practicing homosexuality or those that might support it as an option. Rather I was so deeply disheartened at President Obama’s willingness to claim his Christianity and at the same time support something so adverse to the teachings from the very book his faith is founded on.

    Homosexuality has been around for centuries. This is not a new sin or disappointment to God. The bible has been speaking to this act from the very beginning. The grief I feel is from thinking about how many times God has said to us “just obey”, don’t put idols before me, homosexuality is a sin…the list is short really. Yet, as a nation we just can’t seem to do it. The image I have in my head this morning is from a parental standpoint. I can see God dropping his head in grief at our constant march down the path of destruction. May our grief cause us to pray fervently that God will burden our president’s heart and convict him with the TRUTH. Thank you Bro. Todd for being such a bold leader.

  2. Todd, I understand your position, but I find fault in your condemning our President for using scriptural references. Most of us are guilty of using scripture out of context. I prefer to focus on Jesus’ command for us to love one another. Why homosexuality is a focus instead of adultery, sexual abuse, physical abuse and other horrible sins is a mystery to me.

    • Todd condemns misusing scripture to go against what God clearly said.

      If you’re guilty of taking scripture out of context, then yes, you’re guilty.

      Sins are different to humans, not to God.

    • Angela – I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for commenting. The Bible also says a sin is a sin is a sin – why people prefer to single this particular sin out and make it to be “worse” than other sins is ridiculous to me. Most especially when the people condemning THIS particular sin are hateful, bigots, gluttonous people who are just as guilty in their particular sins or vices. It makes me sad – devastated really – that a civil rights issue is still relevant in this generation. Love is the bottom line – as Jesus also taught. I see and feel God most when love and tolerance are practiced and preached. I’m very sorry for those who do not feel the same way.

  3. Angela, to me it is different from the other sins you listed because society wants to change that it is a sin. Homosexuality is no greater sin than any other, but you do not see curriculum being taught to our children, even at very young ages, that it is an acceptable lifestyle to sexually abuse others, or to beat others (look at all the attention on bullying), or to kill others, or to even gossip about others. That’s where homosexuality gains the attention – in my opinion. I know that Christ loves people who practice homosexuality, and He died on the cross for their sin just as much as mine. I also believe we are to love those He loves, but it would be wrong to love a thief, yet tell him/her, “I love you and Jesus died for your sins, but it’s ok to take from other people what doesn’t belong to you.” We don’t get to re-write the Bible and decide what God has determined is sin. And no doubt, we all need to take our sin seriously and repent of it, whether slander or homosexuality. But how much harder for one to know and repent of a sin if society decides it no longer is?

  4. Certainly, Pres.Obama,as well as multitudes of people,need the whole counsel of God before they form an opinion. If they knew the whole Truth could they form the same opinion?
    My heart is heavy because according to (1Cor 6:9-11),they will not inherit the
    Kingdom of God.
    In love, I pray for them that they come to the know the Truth and repent,making Jesus
    both Savior and Lord.
    To Him be the glory,Amen

  5. Many times people came to the prophets trying to find faults in the Scriptures, even in Christ days. It’s happtoday. Those who do this claiming to know tbe gospel only trys to find personal reasons to overcome guilt in thier own actions. The truth has allways been the same from the beginning. Go is was, and always will be the same. As well as his word. And tbe word Definitely does not condone homosexuality. For thos with ears let them hear, for tbose with eyes let them see. Dont believe me, james 1 V’s. 5-7 also the book of Mormon’s Moroni ch. 10, V’s 3-5… ask for the truth for yourselves to God the father in the name of christ..

  6. Jane, Those who are ignorant of the Gospel of Christ won’t necessarily inherit the Kingdom of God. Remember it is not our place to judge them of whether they will be in His Kingdom or not.
    Here’s “food for thought;” there are well over 30,0000 different denominations in the world today. Almost none agree with another on the subject of the Gospel. Now if all were in agreement we wouldn’t have an issue with these sort of things! Now I do agree none should take the scriptures out of context. We need to study before making critical statements, because of what was said before; the Holy Scriptures are very clear about what is said about homosexuality, adulterers, thief’s, fornicators, and such.
    Lets just say twisting the scriptures to say something that is already plainly stated is just well wrong!

  7. The real tragedy is the fact that we, as a nation, are even discussing this issue. This is just another example of how we are laughing in the face of God. We have set our eyes on wordly visions instead of Gods’ commands.
    As we travel down the road of liberalism, we travel away from God. This is a dangerous road and God is not going to tolerate it much longer.
    If Christians would stand together, we CAN change things, both here at home and in Washington. There ARE enough of us, but are there enough of us with the faith (and backbone) to rise up against rampant sin?

  8. When are you silly christians going to realize that christianity is one big joke and you all took it a bit too seriously. Zombie jesus? And there’s a big guy in the sky who gives a crap about your life and you want him inside you? Lol.

    • Jake, thanks for finding the blog and commenting. It’s clear your worldview is different than mine and the others who have commented on this post. Believing in God is something I have come to on the basis of faith, although I believe such faith is certainly rational. My question for you is this: On what basis have you come to the conclusion that Christianity is a joke?

      If you would be willing, I would invite you to read one or both of the following books:
      Unshakable Foundations by Norman Geisler
      Faith and Reason by Ronald Nash

      The first book has a more scientific focus and the latter a more philosophical focus. Both of these books are very helpful in understanding the rational basis of Christianity. I hope you will at least give it a chance and check them out.

  9. Thanks for the good debate on this post. Let me throw in a few thoughts:

    The Bible will never invalidate itself. In other words, the Golden Rule will never trump any other statement in Scripture. This is the problem I have with the President using the bible to condone homosexuality. The Bible clearly condemns it.

    As to why homosexuality is apparently being targeted over other sins Dorraine has captured the problem. It’s a sin we are trying to make not a sin. We don’t hear of murderers’ marriage, abusers’ marriage, kidnappers’ marriage etc.

    The reason many want to normalize homosexuality is on the supposed basis of grace/love. The problem is that many have bought into the false assumption that to tell someone what they believe is wrong automatically means I hate that person. This isn’t true. We can genuinely love someone and at the same time tell them they are wrong and attempt to correct them. I do this with my kids all the time. We tend to think there are certain situations when grace can supersede truth. This is not a biblical paradigm. When Jesus met the woman caught in adultery He told her that her sins were forgiven (grace), but then told her to go and sin no more (truth). Grace always works within the framework of God’s truth. This is an important aspect that we cannot leave out or misunderstand in the debate on homosexuality and gay marriage.

  10. Thank you Todd and Dorraine for expressing the truth in such a clear and loving way. Jake, I certainly hope you consider Todd’s suggestions. From a silly Christian who’s betting his life on Zombie Jesus.