An Amazing Quote About an Amazing Man: Worth Pondering for Your Life

I am reading Kevin Belmonte’s biography on William Wilberforce, a Member of Parliament who almost single handedly with tireless courage brought an end to slavery in the British Empire in the 19th century.  Upon Wilberforce’s death in 1833, the Officers of the Convention for the Improvement of the Free People of Color in the United States held a meeting in New York City to decide how they could best commemorate Wilberforce’s life and accomplishments.  A committee within the group appointed Mr. Benjamin F. Hughes, Principal of the Free School, to “deliver an Eulogy on the Life and Character of the distinguished Philanthropist whose death we so much lament.”  Did Hughes ever deliver! His speech, Eulogium for William Wilberforce, is considered today a classic work of African-American literature.

Below is one quote from Hughes’ eulogy that moved me immensely.  After reading it, I just sat and pondered for some time, its power and my prayer that something similar could be said of me one day.  Here is the quote:

“I present you no bloodstained hero; he has led no slaughtering armies, he has desolated no kingdoms; for him no triumphal arch is reared; his laurels have been in another and nobler sphere.  He was no aspirant to popular applause, no time serving politician; he was the friend of the ‘robbed and peeled;’ [and] emphatically one of the greatest men of modern times… the Hercules of Abolition.”

Ponder this quote well.  May our lives be lived with the same humility, bravery and focused on matters of eternity.  May we win our laurels in another and nobler sphere.

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One Response to “An Amazing Quote About an Amazing Man: Worth Pondering for Your Life”

  1. What a compliment Mr. Hughes paid W. Wilburforce..What a life of servitude he must have lived..A friend to those so in need..Was humble & desired no praise from society..Some of the “great” men in history make it hard for me to realize that they too were ordinary people who felt the call from God & to obey in every aspect of their lives was central in their hearts & minds..Yes, Bro Todd, We should all focus more strongly on eternal matters…You and Jami quite often come into my mind as I’m praying..May God continue to use you both in His Service..greta Thanks for posting this info about Wilberforce…Thoughtful..