The Two Greatest Blights in Our Nation’s History: A Failure to Value Human Life

Two of the greatest blights on our nation’s history are slavery and abortion. I have had cause to ponder both of these issues in the recent past. January always marks the Sanctity of Human Life Sunday observed in many evangelical churches. That day corresponds to the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. News outlets last week reported the grisly findings of Philadelphia police in the abortion clinic of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Gosnell is being charged for murder for killing babies born alive during late term abortions. The babies were killed when Gosnell, or one of his associates, would insert scissors into the back of the baby’s neck severing the spinal
cord. One instance reported that a baby wiggled around on a counter top for twenty minutes before someone came in and performed the murderous procedure. You can read the full story about Gosnell and the despicable condition and practices of his clinic here:

“House of Horrors” Abortion Clinic

I used Gosnell last Sunday in my sermon to illustrate what happens to us whenever we think we have figured something out better than God. In essence, this is what Cain did with his offering in Gen. 4. Either he didn’t offer the right kind of offering or he didn’t give his best. Either way, he decided he had come up with an improved way of worshiping the Lord and thus God rejected his offering. We do this today with the origin of the universe, marriage, sexual morality, and the sanctity of human life. Gosnell obviously bought in to the secularist notion that life in the womb isn’t yet a “human.” When we functionally say to God we have things better figured out than Him, the consequences can often spin out of control. This is what happened to Cain- he eventually murdered his brother. And so it did with Gosnell.

My first thought in talking about Gosnell in church was to sanitize the gruesome details. Though I did tone it down somewhat, I’m convinced the reason we have Kermit Gosnells in this country is because we have swept under the carpet and sanitized too much the horrific, despicable practice of abortion. I am always dismayed and saddened when our leaders affirm abortion. President Obama made recent comments in honor of the Roe v. Wade decision supporting the decision. You can read his statement as well as view a powerful video from John Piper responding to similar comments from the President a few years ago here:

President Obama and Abortion/Piper Response

God have mercy on us for enabling and approving the practice of abortion. What an amazingly crass and defiant disregard for God, His Word, and the precious life created in his image.

The second blight I mentioned was slavery. Fortunately, this is a thing of the past- or so we think. I was amazed to hear my wife tell me of a conversation she recently had with someone about the issue of human trafficking. I was amazed to hear that Oklahoma ranks fifth in the nation in human trafficking (I do not know the source for that statistic). Also, human traffickers target large events, such as the upcoming Super Bowl, to do their unimaginable business. Watch an eye-opening video about human trafficking at the Super Bowl and learn awareness from this site:

The Home Foundation

Human trafficking is something we need to be aware of and strongly oppose. It, too, is a blatant slap in the face to the dignity and sanctity of human life. Consider this excerpt from the website about a young girl enslaved in human trafficking:

“One little girl finally told her captor just to kill her, she couldn’t do it anymore. The pimp refused, telling her he makes too much money off her. If she wouldn’t do what he told her to, he would kidnap her 8 year-old sister and pour battery acid over her face while she watched. The little girl complied, living in a dog cage when she wasn’t being sold to man after man.”

How can such atrocities exist in this world and in our own country? Pray that we can stem the tide of the disregard for the sanctity of human life.

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2 Responses to “The Two Greatest Blights in Our Nation’s History: A Failure to Value Human Life”

  1. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    – Edmond Burke

    We have indeed turned a blind eye and have chosen to ignore the problems in the world in vain attempts to be accepted, not cause conflict, or out of fear that our own shortcomings do not justify the right for us to stand up for what is just.

  2. When I learned the story of Dr. Gosnell on Sunday, I immediately felt grief flood over me. So many lives, gone. So many precious ones, gone. And then I thought of all the wonderful families that would have been delighted to welcome any of those precious children. My heart is still sickened every time it comes to my mind, and it has been surprisingly often these last two days. I have had to think of the silver lining, as it were. By God’s grace this man was discovered and stopped. Also, I pray that those people that feel like any sort of abortion is ok, will reconsider. So many little ones, gone. I am also immensely grateful for the privaledge of allowing the children that I have, to be born into my care, and into safety. I pray for the strength of the mothers with a crisis pregnancies that they would be brave enough to gift her baby instead of ending their baby’s life. We should also pray for Dr. Gosnell and his staff that they might come to know the Lord. What the enemy intended for evil, God will use for good.